Visual Story Telling

We live in a time where people value VISUALS. We are visual creatures by our very nature. Science has proven that humans assess and store perceptions quickest through visual cues. We not only respond more quickly to images, but we also have a more emotive connection to visuals.

A sincere and consistent visual story builds a relationship  between a  brand and consumers. There is a huge payoff to visual storytelling when executed in the right way.The benefits of telling visual stories over social media are astounding. For example, on Facebook, uploaded photos receive the most attention out of any type of post. According to the social networking site’s data and Mashable’s Matt Handy, “Posts that include a photo album or a picture generate about 180% and 120% more engagement than the average post respectively. A picture is no longer worth a thousand words — perhaps it’s worth a million ‘Likes.’” You, as a business owner, need to take imagery to heart if you plan on being successful in a highly visual society. Having your own branded pictures will not make you stand our from the crowd, but also will tell a terrific story about your business .

        First we will analyze your brand first. Second, we will create a branding concept for your company with 20 -25 branding pictures. The company or an individual/entrepreneur will  be able to use those unique images for  the social media marketing,blogs,newsletters, and on any other websites .



Lets us Solve Your Marketing Puzzle!

Let Us Solve Your Marketing Puzzle.